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Our team consists of six members. We set ground rules from the beginning that we kept at every meeting, such as acceptance of different views and respecting the opinion of others.

So for the smooth operation and optimal performance of the team, it is considered crucial to allocate responsibilities to all members and to perform parallel and interdependent processes based on cooperation.

«We get trained by experts, we learn, we apply. We adhere to the schedules and we are responsible to the team about our results».


We get trained by experts, we learn and apply. We are going to enjoy not only the final “destination” Singapore but also the whole trip.


Our mission is to adopt the philosophy that the founders  of the contest have in order to change our perspective towards science, technology, engineering and mathematics by creating an entertaining environment and enthusiasm for young people.


• 2014 F1 in Schools Greek finals, award of “fair play”.
• 2015 F1 in Schools Greek finals champions.
• 2015 4X4 world finals award of “innovative thinking”.


Each Team Reset member declares and pledges that:

  1. Will do the utmost for the smooth running of the project.
  2. Respects and appreciates the views, ideas and arguments of other members.
  3. Will participate in all the actions and activities of the team, making suggestions and providing information.
  4. The team will be governed by the principle of majority and we should all agree with that.
  5. In disputes there will be voting between the team members.
  6. The personal differences between members will be bypassed for the successful completion of the project.
  7. All members are obliged to follow the timelines of the team and to accept the control of the leader and other team members in order to control the work quality.
  8. Are obliged to attend to all the meetings of the team unless there is a serious impediment.
  9. Will appeal to the role and responsibilities of the organization and to fulfill their obligations.
  10. Be aware of responsibilities of other members so they can respond if needed.
  11. As part of sportsmanship, will seek and provide help to the members of their team as well as other teams when it is possible and does not infringe the interests of their own team.
  12. Commitment, hard work, passion, cooperation is what should governs the team.



As soon as we were awarded the prize of “fair play” in last year’s contest, our team members looked at each other in the eyes and agreeded ‘appointment in next year’… So in September 2014 we started again to work the challenge of our participation, but under completely new conditions and prospects. We decided to first spend time in our education from specialists in order to improve our skills in all aspects required by the competition. We adopted principles and tactics of real businesses, based on rules, job descriptions, tools and operating procedures.


Having in mind the principle teamwork – effectiveness – innovation, we began intensive and professional work, trying to predict problems and to respond to them as best as possible. We wanted not just to achieve the goal of first place but to enjoy the journey of this original competition by gaining experience and recognizing that this whole process is a struggle from which you will get multiple winners, whatever the result.

Our team has been established in December 2013 by four friends and classmates: Nicholas, John, Thanos and Alexander. The driving force for participation in the contest was the common love for Mathematics, Physics, cars, speed, and the “world” of Formula 1. We all participate in other competitions of Physics, Mathematics and Informatics and have won awards. Furthermore, our professional outlook relate to sectors that are involved in this interdisciplinary contest. Last year, as an emerging team, we faced many difficulties because we were the youngest. However, we managed to get through to the final and win the prize of “fair play.” But we realized that our love for mathematics, physics and cars was not enough. To win, it was not only the technical research, but also the organization of an entire business process that requires knowledge and a lot of work for only four people. So we decided to add to our team two more people who have the same philosophy with us. After the contest F1 was presented to the school by the organizers of the competition in Greece, we posted an advertisement on the school space and we invited our classmates to participate. With some external support,  we evaluated the offers based on interview and specific tests (innovation). The results were discussed and so we added Harry and Thalia to our roster, who got blended in with our team at once.