Anatolia is a private, non-profit, organization overseen by a Greek and American Board of Trustees. Broadly speaking, the principles which guide Anatolia are service to one’s fellow man, respect for Greek culture, belief in democracy, and devotion to academic excellence. The school strives to be a concrete expression of the friendship between the Greek and American people and of their shared ideals.

  • Anatolia is organized in accordance with Greek law and grants the Greek apolytirion (the Greek high school diploma) by meeting the requirements laid down by the Greek Ministry of Education.
  • The school aims to provide secondary education of the highest quality by combining the best of Greek and American educational concepts and methods.
  • Besides the pursuit of academic excellence, the school aims to cultivate high personal ethical values, to prepare students for democratic citizenship, to promote individual responsibility, to foster tolerance and understanding for the rights and opinions of others, and to instil a sense of obligation to society and mankind.
  • Through an extensive program of extra-curricular activities, it aims to assist students in discovering and nurturing their talents outside of the classroom, and in developing qualities of self-confidence and leadership.
  • It opens doors of opportunity to promising students of limited financial means through a national scholarship program.
  • It provides an intensive program in English language and literature to give students in-depth training in the leading language of global communication.
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